A New Year

The begining of new ideas...

January & Febuary

Logs & Coal

During this time of year we have a break.
Our opening times change to a few days per week, more toward the weekend.


Mothers Day

Mothers day begins our year.
From now on we are open 7 days and have regular deliveries of seasonal plants right up until October!

April, May, June

Spring Time

Spring time is a wonderful time to explore what Mossys has to offer! We see a wide variety of plants coming to bloom.

July, August, September

Summer Time

Summer time is our favorite time of year for plants! If you are looking for instant colour, we have plenty stock in full bloom, which lasts and lasts!



October time, Discount Fireworks takes the reins and brings us possibly the largest selection of quality fireworks in kent! Keep an eye out for our yellow signs popping up all over town, and our signiture, BIG BLUE CONTIANER, all the way up to NOVEMBER 5TH!


Autumn/Winter Plants and Christmas Trees!

Autumn winter plants have arrived and we have everything from Cyclamen to christmas trees available!


Christmas Trees & New years Fireworks!

Its Christmas at Mossys and we have the perfect real christmas tree for every home! We have a range of stunning non drop Nordman fir trees, as well as smaller pot grown trees and holly wreaths that will keep throughout the holiday season!