What We Stock...

Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter


Spring time is the perfect time of year to get planting! We begin to stock plenty of fresh plants right from the 1st of march! Plants including:

- Tulip
- Polyanthus
- Primrose
- Shrubs


Summer time is our favourite time of year at Mossys! The majority of spring plants are in bloom and the weather is gorgeous! It's the best time of year if you are looking for plants to liven up your garden with a bit of what we call instant colour! Plants including:

- Osteospermum
- Dianthus
- Rubekia
- Palms
- Variety Of Hedging (Laurels)
- Hanging Baskets
-Variety Of Bedding Plants


Autumn Winter time brings us a variety of beautiful hardy, winter-flowering plants, perfect for brightening up dreary pots or those shadier parts of the garden! Plants including:

- Cyclamen
- Pansy
- Skimmia
- Primrose
- Shrubs